Live Online Violin Class: The Best Mindset for Beginning to Intermediate Students

I’ve written a lot about the (all too common) destructive beginner violin habits that can easily stop you in your tracks.

But there’s a bright side to the story: you don’t have to become another victim of these rookie playing errors.

There are several “big picture” strategies that can steer you clear of these problems.

On April 22, 2017 I’m laying out these strategies into a playing “mindset” that is simple to understand and accessible to all levels of violinists.

The Class: It’s Saturday April, 22, 10:30 a.m. Pacific and it’s Free

Please note: If you’re already signed up for a 4/15 class, look for an email update: This class was originally scheduled for 4/15 but performance commitments require that I move it back a week.

Class Description:

This one hour session for new to intermediate violinists will provide you with tools to evaluate your current playing as well as a high level mindset about how to avoid common counterproductive practice habits. We will:

  • spot (and fix) tension problems that might be holding you back
  • demonstrate a great warm-up routine to eliminate tension and promote positive playing habits
  • give you a useful roadmap for all your future practice

The class is free for all levels of violinists, though it will be geared toward violinists from 0-3 years of experience. Nothing will be promoted or sold during the session.

There will be a Q&A period at the end of the class, and I’ll invite a few readers to submit videos of their own playing for discussion. Full instructions will be sent in advance to everyone who signs up.

So, sign up now; it’s free! If you have questions, drop me a note:

>>Click here to register for my free April 22 class

See you in the class!

— Bill Alpert

p.s. You’ll obviously need a computer or smartphone with internet access to participate in this live class.

p.p.s. Optional: If you’d like to appear in front of the group, you’ll also need a webcam.

Bill Alpert

About the Author

Bill Alpert

Bill Alpert is a performer, teacher and author with a unique focus on personal development and mindfulness viewed through the lens of violin study. Mr. Alpert's resume includes recordings, performances and film scores with artists such as The Moody Blues, Pepe Romero, Tina Turner and Johnny Mathis. The co-founder of the award winning Alpert Studio of Voice and Violin in California, he is professionally active in the American String Teachers Association and the Suzuki Association of America.