InvincibeViolinist’s Practice Circle is a guided violin exploration and experience that's and enjoyable and that really works! This hand created selection of custom made practice routines, warm-ups, problem solving tips, and more is organized in an ongoing series of 44 easy-to-digest video lessons delivered during the year, all perfect for your needs. You also have access to personalized support for your own practice via our private Facebook Group.

Lesson Modules

Introduction: (coming soon):
The Five Pillars of an Invincible Violin Practice Journey

Routines and Warm-ups for Core Motions and Skills

Practice Enhancing Strategies and Tactics

Preparing the Body and Mind (coming soon): Multiplies practice results and enjoyment

Improvisation Within a Tonality (coming soon): Stimulates right brain activity

Positivity Strategy (coming soon): End struggle, create mental toughness and maintain positive mental state for the duration of your session. 

Resource and Reference Area

Drone Practice Tracks in All Keys (coming soon): Enhances creativity and pitch acuity