Ultimate Vibrato Workshop Week Three

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For Week 3 Practice Recipe click here.

Part 1: Release the Hand and Fingers Using the Fuzzy Scale

Part 2: Optimize your Body for Vibrato: Sway and Swing

Part 3: Wrist Vibrato – Increasing Your Options

Part 4: Wrist Vibrato Continued

As always, remember to continue your review; it’s at the core of your practice!

Also, enjoy violinist legend Nathan Milstein’s vibrato in this recording. Go deep; really notice how the action is initiated, its speed, intensity and width, and how these are dynamically led by the music at any given movement. Milstein played a largely type A or arm vibrato, but notice at about 20:30 in the video how a relaxed wrist cultivates a vibrato style that integrates a more natural, mechanically sound vibrato motion.


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