Performing Transformation through the Violin

Lean into Your Stage Fright

Performing feels uncomfortable. Sometimes horribly so. Accept that as a truth and go so far as to lean into your stage fright.

The fear you are feeling signals that you are considering a project that is meaningful and important to your growth as a musician and human being. So acknowledge that being on stage is different than every day life; it’s not like tying your shoes or waxing your car.

Expect the inevitable butterflies, shaky knees and sweaty palms. The worst thing you can do is to try and push away these physical manifestations of how you’re feeling. Instead, go further by looking forward and getting inside these symptoms. Act as a neutral outside observer as the internal/external storm comes and goes. Watch it pass; it always does.

Here’s your transformation: The violin teaches you to release the fear and ignore the transient voices that hold you back. It is a shining, positive force for every part of your personal growth.

Practice Problems Practicing the Violin

Stage Fright

If you’re plagued by stage fright consider this: the performance isn’t about you; you only think it is.

When you realize that instead, it’s about the music, the composer and continual process of mastering your instrument, your thoughts will gravitate away from your insecurities and ego. And toward being prepared more deeply, far more deeply.

Are you afraid of the stage? Or are you afraid of really doing the work?