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Some Days I Feel Like a Violin Beginner

Don’t resist, instead embrace those days. They’re not a bad thing. Actually they are a good thing.
Now you can erase all your assumptions and once again approach your instrument with a sense of excitement, discovery and curiosity.

Isn’t this the place where your best work happens?

By Bill Alpert

Bill Alpert is a performer, teacher and author with a unique focus on personal development and mindfulness viewed through the lens of violin study. Mr. Alpert's resume includes recordings, performances and film scores with artists such as The Moody Blues, Pepe Romero, Tina Turner and Johnny Mathis. The co-founder of the award winning Alpert Studio of Voice and Violin in California, he is professionally active in the American String Teachers Association and the Suzuki Association of America.

One reply on “Some Days I Feel Like a Violin Beginner”

Hey, Thanks! Sometimes my violin playing seems so bad, and I wonder if maybe its the bow. Sometimes, I put resin on it, and sometimes I seem to have to wipe it off.
Then, I wonder if its the G string, as sometimes there are spots that just don’t make a sound! Its maybe, the string? The A string does this also. Do strings go bad when being used alot?
So, I experiment, only to find that some days everything seems fine, and sometimes not. Could just be me? It happens no matter how diligent I am at working the string in different ways.


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